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How To Kick Back From A Challenging Week

LifestyleLucy MabelComment
How To Kick Back From A Challenging Week

Ever have one of those weeks where everythings getting on top of you wether it be work or home stresses and making a list just isn't cutting it? Yeah, me too and I had one of those recently and really had to take a step back and relax my mind to focus back on the here and now and what was important to me rather than important to other people. So I'd thought I'd share with you what helped me get through that week and hope one of the steps help you. 


I'm a constant Pinterester, quotes, homeware or hair designs I've got boards for everything but when I'm having a lull I really gravitate to it. Pinterest quotes have helped me get motivated and encouraged me to kick Monday’s butt time and time again! My favourite searches are either 'motivational quotes', 'self love quotes' or 'inspirational quotes'. I always pin loads to a board so I have a load to look at in the morning which encourages me to get out of my cosy bed! I then save my favourite to my phone and set it as my wallpaper, this way it's always in my face for that week and I feel like my phone is in some way supporting me. 


Now this one is an obvious choice but one that I feel I forget to do. In my room and my car I always have the radio on but I'm never really paying attention. Sometimes you need an hour plugged in wether it's listening to a Drake ablum or club hits to get you pumped up.


Emails - turn them off! Again a very obvious one but when those notifications come through or you see the numbers adding up on that little app icon it's hard not to take a peek and make sure there's nothing urgent. This is such a flaw,'ve just got motivated through Pinterest quotes, settled your mind through music and then pow, one email takes you back to step one because you couldn't just switch the damn thing off! Hit the app and put it in a folder so your less likely to peak at it.


Now, I don't mean sign up to your local gym and start doing dead lifts so don't panic cause I'm not doing that either! I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about but everyone knows that excercise helps realise certain hormones into the body and therefore makes you feel better. Do what you can, walk round the block, run down the beach or maybe those dead lifts in the gym? (I envy you if you're choosing the latter).


I find that when I'm going through a bad week talking it through with someone helps. Saying your problem outloud sometimes makes me realise that I'm over reacting or taking something too personal but I didn't have those views when I was over thinking that situation in my head, yanoooo?