Hosting for the first time

Can you believe it has taken 7 months for me to invite my girlfriends over!? I feel like the time is getting away from me and 1 week turns into another and then a month has gone past and I still haven’t sent everyone a date to have their grande tour! 

Last month that all changed as I bit the metaphorical bullet and chucked in the group chat “girls, you free on 30th? I’ll cook!”. 


I can’t tell you how much I loved hosting and the planning aspect of it, I do love me a list. I spent a whole evening flicking through different cookbooks and reading my favourite blogs all trying to piece together my first hosting table plan not wanting a food diet to be uncatered for or a drink not ready to be poured.


The best bit about my little list was most of it was ticked off the night before meaning the next day all I had to do was pull it out of the fridge and display it on the table. 

For your reference (but mainly mine so I have a note for next time) on the table, the main meals we had were… 

  • Tomatoe and basil pasta - prepared the night before

  • Butternut squash and feta salad - the butternut squash was prepared the night before snd then it was all put together half hour before

  • Bruschetta - inspired by Poppy Deyes and a quick and effective nibble to prepare before guests arrive

  • Joe Wicks broccoli and goats cheese quiche - made the night before, super easy and so sooo tasty


Before the girls arrived I did find myself a cheeky half-hour and 2 lemons that needed using up so a lemon drizzle cake was made. I had to sneak off a couple of times to get it out the oven and drizzle over the topping but once it was ready to be eaten we all dived in and I even did little packages for them to take home!

I can’t wait to do this agin for family, maybe my next challenge will be a Sunday roast! Mhmmm.