Highlights Of: March

Highlights Of: March

March March March, the month where spring is meant to officially start but instead of daffodils and sunshine we’ve had rain and snow. All hail the British weather!

March has been a good month if we can ignore the weather. The snow was fun on the first day but trying to drive home in it after work wasn’t an activity I wanted to take part in. I think since I passed my driving test its snowed once but I didn’t have to drive in it whereas this time it was a choice of getting home or sleeping at work, so I took on the challenge but there was no medal for me when I got home, boooo.


This month was also the month of all things new. I tried my first ever Nakd bar after seeing so much Instagram and twitter hype on the new blueberry muffin flavour and I’m happy I haven’t discovered these sooner as I would be the size of a house! I’ve also managed to go a whole 40 or so days without chocolate for lent, I will be doing a blog post about it shortly but BOYYYY HAVE I MISSED IT! I’m currently making my way through a pack of chocolate bunnies because if I skip lunch that’s a healthy alternative, right?!


Towards the end of the month I took the 2-hour car journey to Brighton! I absolutely loved it and I’ve already written about it >>here<< so make sure to check that out after. The Brighton trip came around so so quickly, somehow a 30 days countdown turned into 3 and before I knew it I was on the motorway heading there! I’d recommend to everyone and want to plan my next trip back, hopefully with an overnight stop too.


This month has also seen change. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have already seen that I chopped my hair off, not me personally I did go see a professional, promise. I had fallen out of love with my hair and found myself for the past 3 weeks scrapping it back into a bun and pretending it wasn’t there. Hair for me is such an accessory, I’d rather go out with good hair and no makeup if I had to make the decision so when I kept scrapping it back it had rather a knock-on effect. All of a sudden, I didn’t like my clothes or my make-up… basically I didn’t feel like me. After plenty of pinning on Pinterest and a call to the hairdressers last Thursday I left after 3 hours feeling like a revived woman. I’m so in love with it and wish I’d taken the plunge sooner.

So that was my month, I’ll leave you with some cat photos because Dotty was being very cute the other day and I wanna share them with you.

How was your March? x