Highlights Of: June

Did I oversleep the whole way through June or didn’t I noticed it whizzing by?

I'm currently writing this a bit later than I should be and post brunch in one of my favourite spots in Dorset, The Paddle and with my belly now feeling full and content, lets reflect on the month that was June.

At the beginning of the month I finally handed in my 1st assignment (horary!!!) and since then I’ve ‘celebrated’ my mini achievement (there’s more to come) more than once from cocktail nights to Thai food and dancing with the girls and then meals with the family - by this point we’re half way through the month and then it was the run up to my birthday which caused more celebration, more food and more alcohol consumption which I refuse to admit may be the cause of my lack of memory of June.


June has been the month of sun and even a heatwave during the latter part (and it's still going strong now -  I’d like to introduce the Spanish siestas plz) which has meant I have fully indulged and taken advantage of where I live and spent afternoons lazed on a beach pretending I’m going to tan (I’m pretty sure I left the beach as white as I was when I arrived – which is blinding) and I’ve even had my first dip in the sea. I can confirm it is cold and you just need to get on and dunk those shoulders in but as normal once I got over the initial shock the sea was surprisingly nice and warm.


Also, this month, and I don’t want to jinx it so please keep your fingers crossed for me and Ryan at this point as we’re buying a flat! It’s crazy to think we’re doing this and we’re ‘adulting’. This takes up so much of your time from arranging viewings, your mortgage etc and all in-between watching Love Island! With this and all the other fun stuff happening last month the blog did have to take a back seat which I didn’t enjoying but it was necessary and it’s all going to be so worth it! Now I’m in Pinterest heaven getting creative with ideas, finding cheaper alternatives to some of the more pricier items on my wish list and dare I say it… Christmas. We’re only 5 months away now but I have a board dedicated to it and I can’t wait to go to town on this flat and have our Christmas together in our first property. Eeekk!


So, July, hello I plan on remembering you a lot better but that’s not to say I won’t be enjoying myself just as much in-between sofa shopping and opening fridge doors. The weather looks like it's here to stay for another week and after the inital moan of "It's too hottttt" i've gotten rather used to it and hoping it stays!