Highlights of: July

Highlights of: July

Sitting writing this in the garden with a glass of bubbly in my hand is the best thing ever! I feel like a record on repeat, but July has been a busy month and so has the beginning of August, hence the slight delay, soz! With my 9-5 job, organising this year’s events and having 2 kick off last month has meant that my weekends have been zapped up and any spare time I’ve had has either been spent with my family or I’ve been catching up on my zzzZZ’s. I've worked some really lovely shows but 3 days on the trot standing in the sun made my feet tired and also took it right out of me.

I have 2 stand out moments from July. The first one is I finally visited Durdle Door! After living down south now for over half my life it was something that was screaming to me on the ‘to visit’ list so I turned it into a family outing. Ryan and I drove down along with his brother and girlfriend to Lulworth and started the descent up the hill with the motivation of ice cream at the finishing line. I’m so glad I’ve finally done it and now tell everyone they must go.

My second stand out moment is my besties baby shower. I baked 36 cupcakes and met all her wider friends and family and I just loved it! I think parties like this are so lovely, we all had a mutual love and got to know each other quickly with games. For me living in a different county from her this was a real treat to meet the people that see her every day and have an instant click with.

So, the elephant in the room and not really a highlight but I feel I need to cover it as I mentioned it last month is the move/property buying. I feel I’ve learnt my lesson that nothing is safe until everyone has signed on the dotted line. The other week we were notified that the seller has changed their mind about selling, obviously Ryan and I were both so disappointed but as the saying goes – everything happens for a reason, so fingers crossed we find somewhere else we love soon!

Next month is an influx of birthdays, just over 1 a week so the first step is to purchase a shed load of birthday cards in preparation and also some workout to burn off all the cake I plan on consuming. 

How’s your July been?