Highlights Of: January

Highlights Of: January

Welcome to my new blog segment of monthly reviews. Previously I’ve done a couple of beauty monthly favourites but I just don’t consistently keep up with them and I’ve since been inspired by other people who do a kinda monthly roundup and felt inspired by this different twist to the norm. 

Now I couldn’t wait to see the back of January. The weather has been atrocious, other than the odd pretty sunrise most days have consisted of COLD. WET. RAIN. This has reflected on my mood, how I’ve dressed and my attitude towards the month but when I reflect on it, it hasn’t been as bad as I made out.

The beginning of January marks the year that Ryan and I are hoping to move-out, which has meant there has been a lot of saving going on. I have let loose my house inspiration boards on Pinterest, I have one for every potential room. I also have A LOT of screenshots on my phone of big pieces of furniture that I really like but as I don’t need them just yet I’m waiting for them to go in the sale.

January has also been the month of family time and visiting friends. On Ryan’s side of the family we had a birthday at the beginning of the month and also nearly every weekend we’ve either had family visit or I’ve gone back to my hometown of High Wycombe to see my bestie, (we visited the cutest tearoom – blog post coming soon!). 


This month has also seen an awful lot of walking. Being so lucky with where we live we have the sea and the forest 5 minutes away, so the hunter wellies have definitely been out in full force. It maybe time for me to invest in the tall pair, currently I have the shorter pair of Hunter wellies and as I went in for a paddle in the sea a big wave came and filled up right boot… definitely a moment my brother is going to remember more than I am because he found it so hilarious. 

And finally I have re-found my love for reading. I finished my first book midway through January and just started another one and I’m totally excited to share them with you, again there will be a blog post coming soon!

So all-in-all January has been a pretty cracking month and i've been surrounded by my loved ones. I’m looking forward to slightly warmer weather and seeing daffodils pop up is making me hopeful that this isn’t too far away, fingers crossed. 

How was your January?