Highlights of: August

Now it’s officially September I can start the Christmas countdown… right? Anyway, September highlights is another month away, so we can chat about the do’s and the don’ts of xmas excitement then.

I felt like August was a pretty flat month for me, the whole business with the flat left me low followed by work which I would describe as me in a hamster wheel, so I tried to ensure my August was more positive and upbeat and I also took some time to myself to fully unwind and chill.


Kicking the first highlight off with good news - Ryan and I have indeed found another flat! Yippeeee and I don’t mind sharing, I’m not a believer in keeping things secret because things can change, we’ve proven that once and hopefully it won’t happen to us again. Much like friend’s and family’s advice the first one did fall through for a reason as this one is TONSSSS better. With more natural light, cupboards and it’s close to home so definitely ticks all the right boxes and we couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to start picking flooring and doing paint swatches – obviously there will be an abundance of blog posts relating to this when it happens so watch this space.

I’ve also had the baking bug this month which hasn’t helped my jeans fit any better, but I also joined the gym so it’s all in moderation.


Other than that, weekends have been work heaving with 2 events one locally and one in Bournemouth which symbolises the last event of the season and the end of the summer holidays for most. It has been fun, and I really can’t complain when my weekends have been spent on a beach watching an air show but I’m also looking forward to having free time back to spend with Ryan, family and re-focus on the blog.

I hope your August has been full of fun in the sun – but who else is looking forward to autumnal candles and cosy jumpers, I know I am!