Highlights Of: April

Oh hey April bbz, how nice of you to pop by. I feel like I’ve missed the days in-between and May is about to pop round then we’ll be very nearly almost half way through the year, but I’ll leave that chat for next month!

April although busy has felt much more stable than previous months which have been a whirlwind. It’s been the month for indulgence, meeting friends, eating good food and a cheeky little getaway at the end thrown in for good measure.

This month I have eaten out more than I’d like to know. I’ve been to Pizza Express, Turtle Bay and Sam’s Diner just to name a few and I’ll leave a few snaps of the latter below to make you drool slightly. The nights have all been with my favourite people whether it was work colleges, catching up with old friend or a meal for 2 with Ryan I’ve loved them all. Some have ended in worse’er mornings than others but heyyy that’s all part of the fun!


In-between the endless beach walks - one of which resulted in running back to the car at full speed as the heavens decided to open and as we dried off we were treated to a lightning show – I’ve been in baby shower prep mode for my bestest friend. She’s in High Wycombe, my home town so at the moment it’s all WhatsApp photos and voice notes but I can’t wait to see it all coming to life.

If you’re a follower of my Instagram >>lucymabel<< then you’ll have seen that this month has been gardens central, not my own but those open to the public. Ryan and I took ourselves to Compton Acres towards the end of the month as the weather was getting warmer and it was the best idea ever. No crowded beaches but a whole garden for us to explore on our own. Of course, I did a blog post which I’ll leave >>here<< for you. And then finally our Cornwall getaway which the minute I got home wished we could go do again. We spend a wonderful 5 days and 4 nights in a lodge just outside of Liskeard traveling to every town and fishing village around us. Seriously, take me backkkkkkkk. I’ve done a blog post all on my >>Top Places To Explore<< so if you’re going or just want to check out what Cornwall has to offer go check it out.

May I have a day trip with my Nan planed and a couple of work trips to do so make sure you’re tuned into my social channels to stay in the loop if you just can’t wait until the next monthly round up.

Anyway, enough about me, how was your April?