Hampshire Finds: The hidden café for plant lovers

Hampshire Finds: The hidden café for plant lovers

When you discover a hidden café that ticks so many boxes as I have I knew I had to share it with you. Mabel’s café is tucked neatly away in Boldre just on the outskirts of Lymington and has been my go to place for a “shall we meet up for a coffee” catch up.

I first discovered it learning about the garden centre in my nans monthly copy of Hampshire Life. Like many people I LOVE a garden centre. I drool over plants and trees that I hope to own one day and create my own little garden paradise – in the mean time I’ll continue to fill my bedroom full of succulents and hope they survive.

At the back of this garden centre is Mabel’s café, the name has stuck with me and I feel naturally drawn there, you can guess why - the name! With garden centres I feel like I know what to expect, something that doesn’t look to modern or ascetically pleasing but does home-made food to die for (not literally, obvs) – well when it comes to this place, they do it all!


I was so blown away on my first visit. I took my nan and as we walked in I spotted instantly all the hanging plants, plant walls and potted plants on tables, it couldn’t be in a more plant happy café if it tried – I love it and instantly grabbed my phone and snapped away.

Since posting photos on Instagram so many local friends have asked me where this secret café is and they’re blown away when I tell them it’s only down the road – like seriously, how I have not discovered this sooner.


Last weekend I went for a coffee catch up with a friend and she’s a bigger plant lover than me, so I knew she’d love it in there. The place has such a relaxed atmosphere, we didn’t feel rushed or pressured to leave for space, we were so relaxed we ordered more drinks, the hours flew by and because of the pouring rain and autumnal feeling it was giving me I switched my coffee for a hot chocolate and it didn’t disappoint!


So, if you’re in Hampshire or visiting Lymington for a day trip just travel that 5 minutes down the road and check this place out for yourself, I think you’ll be pleasantly impressed as even I don’t think the photos do it justice!