Google Pixel 3XL - an honest review

Google Pixel 3XL - an honest review

­­After my first tech review of the Olympus Pen Lens I thought I’d lend my hand and do another one, as personally I quite enjoy them. This time a phone, the Google Pixel 3XL.

I have comfortably stuck with an iPhone for what feels like yonks and I thought it was finally time to hand over my Apple reins to try another phone, after all, now-a-days I don’t think it’s about which company is ahead of the curve but more which brand you are loyal too.

Before taking this gigantic leap *figuratively, obvsss* I did my research. When it boils down to what I use my phone for it’s…

  • Aimlessly scrolling through Instagram

  • Texting Ryan about food

  • Taking photos of said food, oooh and the cat

So, the key was a phone with a good camera, and I’ll be honest when I was on the O2 website comparing phones I was comparing the Pixel 3 XL with the iPhone X Max… I just couldn’t help myself! But as you can tell from the title and this review, I went and have stuck, with the Pixel 3.

The first week was the worst for the umming and arring but that was mainly down to it being a new software to get used to and now I’ve watched all the tips and tricks videos and know the phone as well as its predecessor.

So down to it… the top things I loooove about this phone.

Firstly, the camera which needed an obvious shout out. I. Love. It! You can control it as much as a standard camera or what I did for the first week was keep it on auto and still you’ll get pretty amazing results. From portrait mode to the photo booth it’s been whacked out at any and all occasions and saves me having to pack to pack a bulky camera into my bag.


Secondly is the free photo storage!! OMGGGGG...This was a bug bear for me with the iPhone as I’d never delete anything and then go to take something only to be told ‘your storage is full’. Now I have unlimited and I’m lapping it up, not even the bad shots get deleted and they make for great lols further down the week. Also, you can access them anywhere, instantly. No cloud to download, just log-in and hey presto, your latest shots are there.

I know it seems like I’m in a love affair with this phone but my third and final point has to be the android system. It’s so blooming refreshing! All your everyday apps look the same but being able to hide the standard ones from the home screen and have widgets for your important bits has come in so so handy.

So, if you’re due for an upgrade and you’re not 100% set of getting an iPhone next then I’d recommend trying something different, you won’t be disappointed!