Glow With Charlotte Tilbury

Glow With Charlotte Tilbury

Glow baby glow! Around 4-5 weeks ago on a work trip to London I had a few hours spare to wonder around Westfield’s, perfect, right?! The main reason I was super excited was for Charlotte Tilbury!

Near me there is no store or stockist of Charlotte Tilbury so I have to relay on the websites and YouTube reviews to give me an honest colour reflection. One of my girlfriends RAVVVEEEES about Charlotte Tilbury but me being me I’d never tried it purely because I’m spectacle about buying make-up online.

Into the store I went and half an hour later I left with a bag of goodies! The lovely guy in-store that served me was so patient at friendly, which was greatly, need as I was have a very indecisive day. I went in thinking I was going to get the Magic Foundation and came out with the Light Wonder, Wonder Glow and a Colour Chameleon eye shadow stick, I just couldn't help my self-ok! 

Now onto the reason for this post, the quality, the wear and would I buy again *insert raised eyebrow for extra effect*.

As I've said I've had this now for around 5 weeks and on weekends I have a rest day for my skins, well nawwwttt no more! Normally I have to have a break to let my skin breath and help stop any forming spots. With this foundation combo I haven't had too, its so breathable yet giving my skin enough coverage. The Wonder Glow has just become my best friend. I'm a lover of a sheer and glowly finish and Narrs Sheer Glow has been a firm favourite for years but the Wonder Glow just adds this warm glow (how many times can you type the word glow in one blog post... turns out, a lot!) that can be worn on it's own for a dewy look, underneath for a lit from within or on top for that subtle highlight.

Now, the wear I'm super impressed with, I no longer go home and think "Oh god, have I really looked like this all afternoon?" nope because this stuff stays all day, like magic, I think that’s the only word for it!

Finally the eye shadow stick, this little gem is a game changer. I am rubbiisshhh with eye shadow. I've got all the brushes but I still can't get a brown smoky look not look like I've been punched in the eye ~ it’s something I’ll continue to watch beauty YouTubers do and watch in awe. The eye shadow stick gives me that sultry glossy eye effortlessly and I feel makes my eyes look bluer, which is always a bonus! 

Now... would I buy again?... did you not read the above! Of course I would! I've even put a little extra on my Christmas wish list, yanooo getting that sent to Santa extra early! 

Are there any other Charlotte Tilbury products you’ve tried and love, let me know!