Glossier Makeup Review

Glossier Makeup Review

Now, I know I’m a little late to the Glossier hype, it's just who I am and I’ve accepted it. I was late to Breaking Bad, wagamama and so SOO much more! I've always waited to see if the hype was just hype or if people are still talking about 6 months or so down the line, turns out Glossier was a train I should of jumped aboard ages ago, but I’m here now! 

I mainly pushed myself into buying into it when there was either makeup or skin care in nearly everyone 2017 beauty favourites review so I took it as a sign to part with my pennies and try this out for moi!


Can I just say I loved the box this came in, the packaging for shipping they have got spot on and I got stickers in mine too which is obviously just a mega bonus! So in my 'YOU LOOK GOOD.' box was the Haloscope highlighter in Quartz, Boy Brow in Blond and Generation G lipstick in Cake and I’d chosen these colours due to the pictures from the website and also by watching swatches on YouTube, so lets begin... 


So I’m a fan of a highlighter but I do find that a lot of the power ones I have and love can make any blemishes on my skin look obvious so I was really keen to try out a cream one. I love this product, its subtle but still pops on my cheek. I did find that applying it with my fingers gave me a much nicer finish and payoff than trying to put the stick straight on my cheeks. My only gripe with this product is the packaging...mainly the plastic lid. For me it reminds me of the makeup that came with a doll when I was a child so it may not be the thoughts of many and if definitely something I can over look but wish I didn't have too. 


Boy Brow

I am fickle when it comes to brow products, other than my pencil which I don't think I’ll ever (!!) change I grab brow gels by picking the one closest to me when I’m in the shop. The Boy Brow I feel like is a cult product and I’m keen to find a staple in my makeup bag. I do really like it. It picks up the brow hairs and they stay up which doesn't happen with some of the cheaper ones I’ve tried. I feel like blond may have been the wrong colour for me, looking at the pictures I felt there where people with darker brows using blond and it looked lovely but I think I want something that's in-between brown and blond to really help my brows stand out. 


Generation G

Being someone who doesn't wear a lot of lip products I am quite fussy. I got the colour Cake in the lipstick and it's a perfect match to my lips, slightly darker but helps make them look full and glossy for those no makeup, makeup days. I'm sorry, I seem to have a positive and a negative for all these products but I feel like if I didn't share them I wouldn't be giving you an honest review. The only thing with this and it may just be the Cake colour is it has a smell, not a displeasing smell that I won't wear it but when I put it on it's something I I making any sense? I feel if you get one you'll know what I mean.

Overall I love the highlighter, and like the boy brow and generation g lipstick. I've seen lots of reviews currently online for their skincare products and face cleansers, hey maybe in 3 months time when I’ve caught up I’ll review them, ha! 

Do you have a cult Glossier product I just have to try?