Festive Gold Eye

Lush in Bournemouth have recently had a redesign and looks amazing! When I was in there last weekend picking up some festive bath bombs I noticed they had a make up stand. Why have I never seen this before!?! They have succhhhh cool stuff and highlighters that you’d be able to notice on the moon. My attention was immediately drawn to their loose eye shadow powders. Can I just say the pigment on these badboys are AMAZINGGGG!!! I picked up the colour ‘Happiness’ (I can’t find it online - maybe it’s an in store exclusive) and have created this gold festive eye I thought I’d share with you.


This eye look was super easy and the gold shadow just makes it POPPPP.Start of with an eye primer, I use the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray and then set that with a powder to ensure my shadows blend, blend, blend. I went in and used a combination of 3 pallets all by Bare Minerals to get a built up crease and going all the way to the inner corner. Then focusing the darker shades on the outer crease leaving me some uncovered lid in the centre.

I think you can use the ‘Happiness’ powder with or without a setting spray but if you really want that colour to pop I would recommend using it with a spray. I spritzed my brush and packed it on in the centre! Then, taaaddaaa!! A gold festive eye look perfect for those Christmas party's and December nights out.

Hope you enjoy and let me know what looks you'd create with the Happiness Powder!?