Exploring The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

I seem to have a thing going on at the moment with gardens, first Compton acres and now The Lost Gardens Of Heligan and I’m kinda loving it. Whilst on our Cornish travels I had the gardens on my to-do list and seen as it was only a 45-minute drive away from where we were staying it really was a no-brainer. Our holiday wasn’t all sunshine like Instagram suggests, it actually rained a lot and the minute it stopped, and the sun shone my camera came out and snap, snap snap. Thursday was going to be the sunniest day, so we took this as our opportunity to take the drive, windows down and enjoy the scenic route.


Now into the gardens themselves. I was expecting the norm, private garden open to the public and in-and-out in around an hour and boy how wrong was I! There are walks, specialised areas and animals! I got really excited about the pigs, I mean… ask Ryan, he practically had to pull me away.


The gardens have everything for everyone, long walks, a bird watching centre and café and I went it in all. It’s 100% worth the trip no matter where about you’re staying in Cornwall and you’ll come away with enough photos to fill your Instagram with.

With this new love for garden walks Ryan and I have even considered signing up to the National Trust as it just seems the perfect solution to those ‘don’t know what to do days’ so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your day doing nothing.

Have you visited The Lost Gardens Of Heligan or where’s you’re go to place to visit?