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Exploring Devon

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Exploring Devon

Ahh Devon, what have you done! Recently (and I mean 1 day ago as I write this) I got the luxury of going on a staycation with Ryan and his family to Devon. We rented a beautiful cottage for 4 days on the River Yealm which was to be our base for the next few days as we explored Devon! 


Newton Ferrers  

Newton Ferrers was our local for the week so we thought best to explore this area first. After ticking off the most important items like, the nearest supermarket for those all important late night snacks and the local pub - no explaining needed -  we set of on our adventure! The village is on a river ~ did I mention this already? ~ and a path which we could follow from our cottage along side it, which obviously we did. Ryan and I explored this path on a quest to get a good sunset photo. We walked up a path ~ which was up-hill and I was soon to discover was the majority of Devon ~ and was greeted with something much more beautiful, a bay which housed beautiful boats and stunning scenery. Before we got to this we were greeted by an abanonded hotel which gave of such an eary feeling and wasn’t helped by the crows chirping in the trees above! Safe to say we didn’t hang outside this for too long.

Salcombe & Hope Cove 

On our first full day we hit up Salcombe which boasts seaside shops and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a view. The parking was something that we struggled with, maybe we didn’t research it properly but if you go it’s something to do first! After enjoying a Pain Au Chocolat whilst watching the ferry come into dock it was off to Hope Cove for our first beach walk! We headed along another up hill path (I should of done a before and after photo of my legs!) and we’re greeted by Hope Cove. The tide was out which meant we could walk along the sand and stand next to boats which layed waiting for the tide to come back in and make them float again. 

Back up the path and we stopped at the local pub for a spot to eat, I kept it cosy with a jacket potatoe and beans ready to fuel the rest of the day. We headed back to where we started and took the path right (instead of left which we’d just done). This walk was half an hour, I should of worn a Fitbit because I’d love to know how many steps and calories burned we achieved! Up hill, down hill and down a country lane we got to the beginning off a National Trust beach, South Milton Sands. Another stunning beach and plenty of extra dogs for Lexi (the beautiful golden retriever below) to run around with. The sand here was slightly different and had tiny stones within which meant you sank into it slightly which I was soon to discover whilst playing a game of cat and mouse with the sea. Safe to say the sea won as I fell flat on my arse throw my bag back and yelled as my feet got covered by the water. The family sound this halriouse but the half an hour walk back to the car with sodden feet is a memory I don’t mind leaving behind.

Burge Island & Dartmouth

Have I already mentioned Devon has some bloody beautiful beaches?! Well Burge Island is another. We timed our trip there for when the tide is out which you can simply google. Due to the tide times though it meant that we were up early and on the beach by 11am but you can’t complain once you get there. The beach was like freshly laid snow at Christmas, perfectly untouched the urge to lay down and make sand angles where strong but I wasn’t down for ruining my coat, ha! There’s an hotel on the island which you can drive to as the sea normally surrounds it, so sitting on the beach was this massive sand car, thing?! I’m not down with what it’s called but wether the seas in or out it comes and collects you from the main land to the island which I felt was pretty cool! 

After our walk it was time for lunch so we headed into the town of Dartmouth. When we arrived it was like stepping back in time, Tudor buildings which now housed shops and bus stations which had kept their old charms. It was nice to see some shops which I knew of and made a b-line for Marks and Spencer for snacks, ALLL the snacks!  

The rest of that day was spent in Newton Ferrers, watching the sunset and now i'm home and rather miserable looking through these photos wishing I could be back, I really want to go climbing those hills again! I vlogged my trip and you can watch it all over on my new YouTube channel here -->

South Devon... I miss you already! x