Exploring Compton Acres

Happy Sunday! The sun has been shining a good week now and I’m loving it. Get yourself ready to flick through a lot of photos. Yesterday Ryan and I drove to Compton Arces in Dorset which I had never heard about before and was surprised that something so big and beautiful was hidden not far from our doorstep! I’m loving discovering local places at the moment as I feel like sometimes we take our local area for advantage. So I went camera in hand and did a hell of a lot of snap, snap, snapping…as you’ll be able to tell we even had to go around twice to ensure we had taken it all in and not missed a plant or sculpture! 


Ok, so I thought I’d interject here just to say that the Japanese Gardens as by far the most impressive and my favourite. I did discover however I have an irrational fear of stepping stones which you have to walk along if you take a certain path, which we did. There are plenty of shots (luckily all on Ryan’s phone) of me standing still, making the weirdest faces and shouting that I couldn’t move. It really was an experience and at one point I had gathered a crowd, ha! Honestly it was cringe and I think I’d rather have jumped in the pond to disappear but for now I’ll blame my choice of footwear which made me uncomfortable stepping from floating stone to stone!  


Do you have a place local to you that you've discovered? x