Denim Loving

Sooooo this post is well overdue. If you follow my Instagram, you will have already seen this jacket wayyyyy over 100 times…ok slight exaggeration but it’s my current fav. After having to hang up my pink coat from winter I felt a bit lost for outerwear, my parka was too hot, and I was too cold without any kind of extra layer. I had never considered a denim jacket previously, I didn’t think that they suited me, little did I know I just hadn’t found the right one.

There began the denim jacket hunt. I had so many ASOS deliveries to my work they were starting to wonder if I had an obsession. Being tall and picky the jacket had to cover certain criteria, it had to be long, not cropped because I did that 10 years ago (without sleeves too) and it didn’t look good on me then and I’m sure it won’t look good on me now haha! 

I found this gem from Warehouse whilst searching for some summer clothes and it specified ‘long’ hey-presto I had found the one.

What's your go-to throw on piece? x