Current Products That I Wouldn't Recommend

Hello again or hi and welcome to my blog if this is the first post you're reading to 'Current products that I wouldn't recommend'. I feel like a blog is such a positive space that I forget to talk about things I would tell my friends NOT to buy.

First up is the Mark Hill 'Extreme Freeze Hold Hairspray'. Now, this stuff does what it says on the tin and freezes your hair in place but it also (hence why it's in this blog post) leaves your hair looking fixed, dry and well...crusty. It's not something that I enjoy my hair looking like so for now i'll be going back to Elnett but Mark Hill will for now, sit on my wardrobe and collect dust for the next six months before I decide to throw it away.

Next up is something I think is a big YouTube favourite and is the L'Oreal 'Super Liner Superstar'. My first problem is that I bought it in black and is not black. It comes out a very grey colour. Secondly it is very hard to apply and I am a BIGGGG fan of a pen shaped liner, but with this one, I feel like it grabs onto the skin and drags so much and to get colour i've got to go over it again and I'm never going to get the same line twice!

Now the final product, and I am sad to be putting this on this blog post because I do watch this person's YouTube channel and I'm a big fan but it is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics 'Nail Polish'. The only thing I don't like about this is the smell. The colours, packaging and general aesthetics of the range itself is lovely but, when I open this and smell it I instantly get taken back to infant school on a mufti day were you could pay 50p for somebody to paint your nails. I don't know maybe I'm not the target market for the nail polish but that won't stop me displaying it on my shelf cause they look so damn pretty! 

Now I can't do the negative post without getting a positive one so be sure to come back and I'll talk about some three products that I do enjoy using and I would recommend to you and my friends see you next week!