Creating your dream home on a budget

For those that know me, you’ll know I’m quite frugal with money. I’m the best person to go shopping with if you too are trying to save as I’ll be the voice of reason or point out to you that you have something very similar hanging up in your wardrobe as to what you’re standing in the queue to buy. Even with the bigger flat purchases, I’ve held out for that money-off-code to come through WEEKS after deciding what we want although a side of my brain does go “what if it sells out!? Buy it now!!!”.


So, whether you’re looking to update your bedroom or completely furnish a room I thought I’d share my top tips and thought processes to buying big items.


Check your family loft

The first thing I’d recommend (and recently learnt to do) is to check your family’s lofts! I have been on a hunt for a relaxed neutral chair for our lounge and had favourited so many when I saw one which triggered a memory and thought process of “Nan used to have one like that… I wonder what she’s done with it.” Sure enough, the chair in question was in the loft and my nan was more than happy for me to have it but whilst I was up there I found so many more gems that I’ll slowly be rehoming.

Find dupes

I have mentioned Willow Lifestyle a lot over on here and on the gram... it is just interior goals, OK! Whenever I walk in the store I am forever taking 101 photos of pieces I love and then I spend the evening finding a cheaper alternative. My best and most recent example of this is our new lounge mirror (which is arriving in a couple of weeks!). After seeing something similar in store it didn’t take long to find one online from Next, although doesn’t have the same vintage look and feel it has saved us 2 thirds of the price so it seems like a pretty big no brainer!

Turn alerts on

Now this one seems like something quite obvious but for me, at the start, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace didn’t even enter my mind, unlike now! For some pieces of furniture, I know what I’m looking for but I can’t find it anywhere. I now find myself scrolling through other people’s items on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace and turning on alerts so should anyone in my local area upload a coffee table, for example, I can see it quickly before everyone else and snap it up.


Check Instagram tags

Other than following all your favourite interior Instagram accounts my last top tip is to check hashtags and tagged in photos. Hashtags I know is slightly obvious but again something I found myself overlooking. Tagged has also come in so so handy to finding cheaper alternatives to interior trend pieces. I often find myself scrolling through accounts such as Homebase or Lidl’s tagged in photos over their feed as it’s where you can see products in people homes instead of on a shelf and see how people put their own spin on the items such as painting it a different colour or adding texture to a space giving the item a whole different lease of life