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Converted to MAC Cometics?

Lucy MabelComment
Converted to MAC Cometics?

Back in Feb (how time fly's) I skipped into the Bournemouth MAC store prepared to spend... my gift card! I told the girl and now I'm telling you, I've never used MAC unless you count the time I bought the eyebrow pencil in the colour 'fling' about 3 years ago. When I watch make up tutorials everyone has MAC, whether it's their fave lippy or they're setting their make up MAC hasn't gone unnoticed but I've never had a reason to explore the brand... until now. 

Half an hour later I had left the store swinging my shopping bag, trying to remember my new personal eye tutorial and with the gift card still in my bag. Turns out you can't use the gift card in department stores, but instead of traveling all the way to London to spend it the girl helped me pick my extra bits which I needed to buy online - slightly long winded but what's done is done, lets hope they sort this out. 

Now this may be because of modern times but I'm not that impressed on the delivery, I ordered my extra bits on that very day, and 10 days later, (after I had to chase) they arrived. 

On to the products! 


I am an eyeshadow novice, I can just about manage to blend one colour, let alone multiple but the lovely girl in MAC showed me how to hold my brushes properly and perfect that 'wind screen wiper' motion, yipppeee. Now I own 2 matte eyeshadows one called 'Brown Script' and the other 'Corduroy'. These colours she put together for me (or I may have came away with a sky blue and that's not the everyday look I'm going for, ha!) and I love them. They take me through from a day look to a night look and I feel like I've made a real effort when in reality I've spent 5 minutes doing one motion. 


Now I could of gone CRAZZYYY in the lipstick department, they really do have every shade going, but I feel like Velvet Teddy is a staple everyone has so naturally, I wanted it to. We paired it with a lipliner in the colour 'Whirl' and I've worn it pretty much every day to work. It's so easy to apply and gives a colour to my lips without it looking like I've gone all out. 


My 'YouTube made me buy it' product was the Extended Play mascara, and was it worth it? YES. I no longer have to use my big brush and wipe away the smudges that I've created, which has gained me 5 minutes back to my morning routine, HURRAHHH. 


Finally, (yes, we're almost at the end) setting spray. Now I don't often prime or set, I've never seen the point, I know, crazyyyyy. I bought the Rose scented Fix+ and I now understand why people do it. It's kept my makeup on all day, which it did anyway, but now keeps it looking fresh instead of tired, and makes my face smell lush! 

Are you a MAC lover? What are your favourite products?