Christmas Organising with Cath Kidston

If you didn’t start the Christmas countdown a back in October, then I’m not sure we can be friends. I’ve already spent more money than I’d like the share with you on Christmas magazines from food, interiors and gift guides and then to put the cherry on the cake Ryan’s lovely mummy treated me to the Cath Kidston Christmas organiser which has completely switched the planning game on its head!

Christmas organising has reached a whole new level this year with the prospect of Ryan and I spending it in first-ever home (with all fingers and toes crossed that our flooring comes in time), so I say with pride, there is a box of newly bought Christmas decorations in the garage just waiting to be hung on the tree!


But that’s not all, through the art of planning (and panicking everything I like is going to sell out) I have already planned;

The wrapping paper theme - yes there is a theme every year. Year before last, it was tartan and red, last year was stars and this year I’m stripping it back to craft and gold - exciting stuff, right!!

Christmas cards, I picked these pretty much the week the shops got the delivery. I can’t help myself - I don’t have a lot of people to send them too but I like a couple of designs to mix it up.

And finally, as mentioned the Christmas tree theme plus the tree itself. I’ve already been into the local garden centre asked them when they’re due (last weekend of November YIPPEE) and you can guarantee I’m going to be the first person through that door when they do.

So really, all I have left is the Christmas presents, food, the Christmas cake, advent calendars and to transform our new home into as much as a Christmas grotto as humanly possible - not much really… but let's just say the new organiser is coming in very handy and getting some good use!

Are you a Christmas organiser or a last minute kinda person? I’d love to know if you have any tip or tricks to share x