Charlotte Tilbury Summer Makeup

With the weather being more like the Mediterranean than British I have had no reason recently to wear make-up. I find that when the weather it like this I’m better off without and I let me skin soak up all the vitamin D it needs. That being said, I have CRAVED doing a full face of makeup so badly, especially when my new Charlotte Tilbury order had arrived.

They’re all items I’ve had my eye on for quite a while and with a little help from some birthday money and a gift card I took the plunge and now I’m only 2 items away of having a full-face Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag – I think it’s pretty clear how much I rate this brand.

So, since receiving my parcel and now I’ve been out a couple of times for meals or girly drinks and this is where my make-up free face has been transformed and obviously I took those moments to try out my new goodies and now I’m going to let you know my thoughts.

Eyes To Mesmerise

Kicking off with eyes, an area which I openly admit I’m terrible at and much prefer a lazier option rather than blending multiple colours. I struggled to pick between the colours Marie Antoinette and Bette even after heading to YouTube and Instagram to find my answer. I went with Bette in the end and I’m so happy with it. I find my eyes crease a lot and I don’t like product to build and go cakey – I’m happy to announce this doesn’t do any of that and leaves my eyes with a wet but casual look.

Your Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio

A lipstick had to be in the basket and when I saw the trio set and liked all 3 colours I knew I was onto a winner. From left the colours are, Legendary Queen, The Queen and The Duchess and I have worn all 3! The Queen is probably most worn as it’s a colour I’ve been looking for, for evaaaa. I also thought the Legendary Queen was going to be a more autumn winter shade, but it looks more wine like on than it does in the tube, so it’s also had its fair share of uses!


Airbrush Flawless Finish

Best. Purchase. Ever. I’ve seen and heard good things about this powder and I’m normally one to shy away from making my makeup matt. Well I’m so happy I bought this. It’s helped get rid of that summer forehead shine without much product and also without it matting down my face, so it looks dry. You keep a natural shine to you, so you lose none of the glow you want to keep.


Scent Of A Dream

This product was a gift by my lovely boyfriend and boy did he do well. I’ve spritzed myself with this product in the charlotte tilbury stands more than once but never gravitated to buy it for myself. Since having it I’ve worn it almost every day and even at 4pm as I’m tying up my work after a long day in the office I still get compliments on it which makes it even more perfect.

Do you have a favourite Charlotte Tilbury product? Let me know bellow x