Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is something I'm relatively new to - like, proper beginner! As a stationery lover and self-confessed hoarder (I can't just leave a pretty notebook left in a shop), bullet journaling was something I knew nothing about. The best was I feel to describe it now, is, it's like a one-stop notebook for EVEERRYYTHING. It's your calendar, your to-do list and your food diary all rolled into one - basically a life organiser!! 

After watching about 20 YouTube videos on how to get the most out of my layout or a beginners guide to bullet journaling (which I'd recommend you search for too as it's a game changer) I decided to ditch my current 6 on-the-go note pads and bite the bullet (haha ~ see what I did there 😉).

So far I'm 3 months in and finding it so sooo useful. It comes to work, with any meeting getting its own dedicated page, and back home again so I can fill in my daily progress bars for my savings tracker and tick off my chores.

With these months under my belt I thought I was experienced enough upgrade my self from beginner stage 1, to stage 2, and share with you my top tips on getting started!

Buy the right bullet journal!

I was so excited to start I jumped on Amazon and bought the first notebook that appeared. Little did I know it didn't have page numbers!! Now I write them in as a when I start new pages. It's not that bad but, yanoooo - I'd rather not!

Start with a pencil, black pen and 1 coloured pen! 

When you look on Pinterest there are some truly amazing designs, and you can start spending so much time on your monthly layouts when it's not necessary. Use the first few months as a trial to find out how you want your bullet journal to look and feel trying different layouts. With only 2 main colours it's easier not to get distracted.

Take time!

Within my first month I wanted to make every design up I saw, and it got REALY messy! Now I take time to think - what do I really need trackers for? I'm on my third different monthly spread and next month will be trying a fourth layout but I feel like I'm really narrowing down and tailoring this bullet journal to what I wanted to be.