Bullet Journal - A Year On

It is safe to say that my bullet journal tips and tricks has moved on from last year’s post. I’ll link it here just in case you want to go back and see how I started off, but you don’t have to.

I hadn’t planned on writing this post, but it has been inspired by fellow friends and colleagues going off to UNI and panicking about stationery and planning and each time, I’ve marched to my desk, pulled out my bullet journal and prepared myself to give my elevator pitch as to why they need one in their life.


A lot of people’s instant reaction is… “oh, that’s a lot of work” so I have to counteract that with an “oh, it really isn’t”. I’m a lover of stationery and maybe if I want to admit it slightly lazy when it comes to planning so I tell them, and now I tell you - if I can do it, so can you!

So since last year I’ve dropped the monthly titles, I’m not artistic in any way and they took me more time and planning than any other page. My new double page spread if perfect, I highlight the titles and weekends so, when I’m flicking through the page is easily recognisable.


I’ve also dedicated the first wedge of pages to the blog. I think last year I did my monthly planning each month which just got confusing as you forget about an idea you had and end up writing it every month. This time they’re all in one place ready for me to tick of, reflect on or organise photos for. It has helped my brain a lot when it comes to organisation as I can see in advance what needs photos to allow me to schedule it instead of my previous panic, I need to publish this tomorrow but I’m out tonight and I’ll lose the light kinda breakdown.

Finally, as well as a complete ‘packing list’ for last minute trips or planned holidays i’ve also started a ‘places to visit…’ page. I created one for Cornwall back at the beginning of the year and i’m doing the same for Krakow next month. It’s a page dedicated to holiday inspiration whether that be were to go, restaurants to eat at or things to do and it’s perfect reminder when you have those days where you’re struggling to think of something to do.

So I hope this helps, whether you’re a fellow bullet journalier or looking to start one. I’ve already got my 2019 one sitting in my amazon basket which i’ll leave linked here as i’ve found it the best one so far!