Brighton In Spring

After an amazing day yesterday in Brighton I thought I’d bring forward my Brighton blog post as I have SOO much to say and share with you.

So, Brighton in spring, what’s it like eh? Well we (Sophie and I) picked a lovely rainy day to go on (slight hint of sarcasm to be inserted here) but the rain didn’t stop us. Although me being me I decided to ignore the weather forecast and wear a top and blazer combo in hope that I could wish enough times that the sun would come out and I wouldn’t need to cover my outfit with a raincoat. Both things happened, I wore my raincoat practically all day and before we were about to leave the sun shone through the rain clouds, great!

The weather however wet didn’t damped our spirits. I’d done my pre-Brighton research and thanks to The Anna Edit’s post I parked my car for FREE in Withdean Sports Complex and we hopped on the Park and Ride bus which got us into town within 20 minutes. First stop was breakfast and it had to be Redroaster Café as I’ve seen it feature on so many peoples Instagram and in people’s vlogs.

The food was AMAZING! If someone wants to cook me brunch like that every day I won’t turn you down! Obviously, I’d already looked at the menu the night before, (who wouldn’t?) and picked what I was having to eat and pretty much ordered it straight away.

After brunch we headed for the shops, or should I say the lanes. We walked through the Royal Pavilion gardens and the flowers brought colour to a gloomy weathered day. This is definitely something I’d like to do again when the sun is shining, and I can whip my camera out a bit easier.


Now the shops, if you’re looking for modern, quirky, vintage or random Brighton has you covered. They have all the modern shops and I stepped into Oliver Bonus for the first ever time and the girl in there was so lovely and directed us on where to go next. That’s what I’d say about Brightener’s, they’re all so lovely and proud of their city that they’re happy to point you in directions of the best stops of coffee and shops, and boy did we find them. Coffee stops are endless and there really is no reason for you to pop into a chain when you have so much choice. Sophie and I both went in different ones and loved them! If you go to Brighton it’s a must that you pop into a photo booth and capture your memories with a vintage styled photo to take home with you. There is a photo booth shop, but we found a booth in Snoppers Paradise (a shop you must go to if you visit) and it felt much more relaxed to do it in their than a shop.


At this point we had a pause from the rain and decided it was best to take this opportunity and head down to the pier. The pier was everything you imagine it to be. There is arcade games where I lost 10p in the penny machines, fairground rides and candyfloss vans. Everything you think of when you think seaside pier. We took a walk along to the i360 which looked amazing and again something I’d like to do on sunny day when I go back.


And that pretty much concludes our day there. We finished up and the pier and headed back to the shops. We spotted Dum Dum Donutterie and as I watch Zoella regularly I had to pop in and see what all the fuss is about and now I understand so Dum Dum’s if your reading this PLEASEEEEEEE come to Bournemouth! For dinner we headed to Bills and our feet where grateful for the rest as well as our stomachs as the food was delicious. Honestly Brighton was so so good, I am 100% going back and hopefully when I do I’ll be choosing a day when the suns out instead of the rain.

Have you ever been to Brighton & what would you recommend doing?