Books I'm Currently Loving P2

I feel like with the random weather we’ve been having, reading books has become a lot easier. Snowed in? Read a book. Boiling hot bank holiday weekend spent at the beach, read a book. You get the drift. Reading is a full swing habit for me again, there is always a book by my bed and when I’m having a ‘can’t put it down but also can’t be late for work’ moment I’ll pack it with me and read a book whilst trying to manoeuvre food into my mouth. I’ve already ordered some of my next couple books which you’ll see in part 3 but I still haven’t found a third so if you do have any reading recommendations then PLLZZZZZ leave them below.

How To Stop Time by Matt Haig

After the success of the BBC Radio 2 Book Club recommendation of Seven Days of Us I knew it was the place I needed to go to find my first read for part 2 of ‘Books I’m Currently Loving’ and I’m so SOOO glad I went back and discovered How To Stop Time. I love how this book is written in past tense as well as the present, it's gives so much more background which you don't always get. I loved how when you are transported to the past you feel like you are in it. I felt like I could envisage every pub, desert island and London street. This was the kind of book I couldn't predict what was about to happen next and it kept me going late into the night and it's safe to say some mornings I needed much more concealer than others! 


The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

This book, how do I put THIS book into a short snippet review. I feel like it needs its own blog post because it evoked so many emotions. I started this the day after closing How To Stop Time to ensure I kept momentum but I didn't need to as by chapter 1 you are hooked but in a different way to some other books I’ve read. With this book not only did I feel happiness as well as sadness for the characters, but I also laughed and cried with them. As in actual tears were shed - which I think is powerful for a book. This isn't a book I rushed to finish either as I purely didn't want it to end. I'm so so happy I spotted this whilst helping Ryan pick a book for himself! It felt like a completely different read to anything I’m used to and if I’m honest I’m still in that funny place you go when you finish a book and you don't know what to do next. I need a hotline, so I can call the characters and check how they are. Each person you fall in love with. My bestie is coming to stay in a couple of days and I’m leaving this on her pillow instead of a chocolate because you defiantly get more joy out of this in the long-term! 


Paris For One by Jojo Moyes

Sooooo something to say about Paris For One is I was really into it. I haven’t read a proper romantic novel in what feels like ages, but I got roughly 140 pages in and the story ended. Yeah, you read that right… it ended, just as I was getting to that fully committed to the characters stage. Little did I realise I’d actually bought ‘Paris For One – And Other Stories’ but me being me I didn’t read that bit on the cover so when I flicked over and new names where mentions and different scenes where being described I was very confused and THENNNN it clocked. So, I didn’t know what to do with this review. Paris For One I enjoyed but I do wish now there was more to it and the story lined continued. The other stories I haven’t got to yet because my Amazon order came with a new book and it’s staring at me and I really want to pick it up. I think what I’ll do is pick up the Jojo Moyes when I’m in-between books and need a little reading refresher.