Bloom With Gucci

Bloom With Gucci

Anyone else not have a signature scent? I have friends where if I smell a certain perfume I instantly think of them and I don't think I have this. With perfumes I don't have a huge collection, if I ever have 2 on the go then thats extravagant for me and I must of received one as a gift. The other month I go the last spritz out of my YSL Mon Paris and went onto the hunt for my next new fave. 

Previously I have had Georgio Armani - SI and Vickor Rolf Flower Bomb (which I love love love) but i'm a flitter with perfumes and never stick to one once they've run out. 

On a trip 2 weeks ago to Gunwharf Quays I spent half an hour in The Cosmetics Company Store spraying all the sprays and got a little giddy in the process, then continued to trot around the other shops with my favourite scent sprayed on a cardboard stick until I stumbled into the The Perfume Shop where I was shown Gucci Bloom. 


I can't say I was sold instantly, on initial spray I popped in into my 'maybe' pile and continued to spray more but once I smelt it again I knew this was the one. It's the kind of scent that takes a minute to settle but once on the skin I love it. Its light and floral and I feel is perfect for spring! Tots recommend and i'm ready to enter the next season smelling like a floral smelling goddess (haha) but remember to give it a chance if like me, you don't like it straight away. 

Do you have a staple scent? Let me know so I can discover more! x