Bath Christmas Market

Last year I visited the Bath Christmas Market, and when my friend Sophie asked me if I'd go again this year, of course I had to say yes! I went 2 days ago now (at the time I upload this) and I loved it! The market had only started the day before so it meant we had the pick of the crop! 

It was an early 8:30 train journey and I did nod off on the train, oh so glamorous but it was needed! We got into Bath Spa station at 10:30 and then after a coffee and toilet stop - we hit up the market! 

There is everything you want there if your looking for something unique or special. A lot of the stalls are hand made which mean you have one of a kind ;). One of the greatest things about Bath is the amount of shops! My bank balance didn't like it as much as I did but the high streets have everything from M&S to Urban Outfitters. 

After 6 hours of festive shopping I was done! Not as in, done everyone's Christmas shopping (I wish!) as in done in! On the way back to the train station, bags in hand the festive ball ball was lit. Perrrrrrfect photo opportunity for Instagram and then I slept most of the train journey home, which is embarrassing as well as unnatural for me but if you have still got the energy then I'd totes recommend picking up some wrapping paper, mince pies and wine, and wrap your presents up on the journey home! I can't recommend to you enough that the Christmas market in Bath is the one to go to! The smell and the atmosphere is just spot on, with buskers singing Christmas songs you can't help but get involved and to top it off there isn't a shop that isn't festively decorated! Love love love!! 

I hope this encourages you to go, where are you going to do your Christmas shopping this year?