Autumn Has Arrived!

Wasn't it just the other week that an evening on the beach paddling seemed like the best idea ever?! Now summer feels like months ago, and in the space of a week the weather has dropped and we've packed the shorts away and brought out the knitted jumpers and scarfs. 

I'm not going to lie, I love Autumn. Leaving the house in the morning and breathing in the fresh crisp air, ahh nothing can beat it in my eyes! I layered up today in a new knitted piece to go on a forest walk. Although I feel that many where deceived by the clear blue sky's and sun, I wrapped up warm and even packed my wellies! 

As well as exploring another part of the New Forest I also headed to the local garden centre with my boyfriend. We had planned on going Pumpkin picking but after driving past the field and no longing spotting huge orange balls on the ground it was clear they had all plucked from there resting ground.

The garden centre did not disappoint and had pumpkins of different size and variety and i did get slightly carried away with all the many decorations on offer! Hey, whats your favourite season?