Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Lusting

Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Lusting

I need to get something off my chest… I’m so ready for Autumn! I struggle SOO much to dress for summer and especially in the heat wave we had but with the recent down pour of rain and the generally cooler weather I’m looking forward to the days that the scarves and jumpers come back out to play for. That’s not to say I’m wishing the long summer evenings away, not at all but more looking forward to the next season to arrive.

I feel like my style changes frequently, not because of trends but mainly because I’m still figuring out what suits me, what styles I like, and dislike and what colours I need to steer clear from. Inspired by The Anna Edit and her seasonal capsule wardrobe buys I’m learning from her what staples I need and how to find a good one.

First up on my list is a coat. I’ve recently departed with a lot of these, I felt frumpy in them and they didn’t go with certain trousers which isn’t something you need when you just want to throw on a coat and leave the house. I have a rain coat and multiple ‘light jackets’ but I feel like I need something slightly smarter and a little more wearable. I’m currently drooling over this &OtherStories coat and holding out either smartly or stupidly for all my other favourite shops to start stocking their Autumnal collection to compare it against.

Secondly comes a pair of jeans that fit. I thought I’d found the ‘ones’ in tall range in TopShop but they’re just TOO long (Ohh the struggles) and because of this just don’t fit right where they should. Jean shopping isn’t on the top of my ‘to-do’ list and I need to have a day dedicated to it as it can be quite disheartening when in every shop you’re a different size. If you a long-legged gal then please let me know where you find your jeans!

The pinnacle of all autumn/winter wardrobes are jumpers and somehow, I own more few than many. I think this is due to my love for scarves over roll-necks. Last year I learnt the hard way that a summer t-shirt and a chunky scarf although may look great doesn’t keep you warm. I want more basic every day jumpers, no slogans, no random spots of colour which I decide the next season I hate and give away. I don’t feel like there are any out there at the moment I love but hey we’re technically only just stepping into autumn.

Finally boots, and this is a search that has begun. For me boots are normally something I find too little too late, get a month’s use out off and wear so much a hole appears in the bottom and hey presto, another pair in the bin. Being just under 6-foot-tall (5’11) I’m not looking for anything with a big heal but I’m also not looking just in the flat section. I’m learning to embrace my tallness and last year I purchased a pair of M&S boots with a low block heal and loved them, but they didn’t last the winter and I refuse to spend the money on them again. I've tried all the typical high-street stores, Next, TopShop etc and just the other week whilst grabbing some lunch in Sainsbury's of all places I spotted these gems. They're super comfy and just what I was looking for, HURRAHH!

I’d love to know what your wardrobe staples are or what your planning to buy for the season ahead.