An Evening Skincare Update

It’s been a long ol’time since I last did a skincare update and a lot has changed and many of these items I've already recommended to friends as I've been totally blown away.


Starting with a brand that seems to be quickly becoming a bathroom cabinet staple, Pixi skincare. I’ve previously mentioned my love for the Double Cleanse and it still gets repurchased wayyyyy before it's due to run out but I've always had my eye on the Glow Tonic but never bought it... that was until now.


Pixi Glow Tonic

I’ve been using this now for around 3 months on and off. It’s a product that I was dying to try but I won’t lie, the word ‘acid’ made me nervous to put it on my face. I've been building it up over time using it once a week, then more and seeing how my skin reacted and always putting my night cream on afterward to soften it. Since my first trial runs I now I know what a difference it can make for my skin and I'm able to use it when I know my skin looks dull and in need of a glow and boy does it give you that! I remember after my first time using it jumping straight on snapchat and sending photos of my face to friends of my new glowy and revitalized skin!

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

I know right, I’m into my glow products! This one came in a set with the Glow Tonic and I reach for it so much more than I expected. It is a thick cleanser which is not my normal compared to my usual creamy/oily versions. I tend to pick this up to use more at the end of the week when my skin has had make-up on for the past 5 days and could really do with a proper wash. It also smells amazing, so bonus!


Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Now try and repeat that name 5 times and getting it correct! This is a new 2019 purchase for me and it is a staple already! I bought this whilst visiting the Kiehl’s counter and said to the advisor what I was after for my skin and she recommended this serum. Seeing as I didn't have one in my routine I purchased it straight away (along with many other items too, bye bye money) and have been using it now for a month every night and the instant results are mind-blowing. I feel quite lucky that I don't have any lines (Yet!) but anything that'll help to prevent that I'm down for. What I do notice from this and the reason I love it is how much it lifts my skin from dull to vibrant in 5 minutes and also smooths out the appearance of the skin, la la laaave!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue

In the mornings I am a typically puffy eye'd gal. I don't suffer too badly with dark circles but I've always noticed how much my under eyes can puff up overnight. I had a sachet of the Magic Eye Rescue as a tester when I picked up my everyday foundation and I made this sachet stretchhhhhhh for as long as possible as it made such as difference to my morning appearance. I rarely ever forget to put this on at night because boy do I notice in the morning and I so much prefer not having to put cold spoons on my eyes to de-puff, it's definitely one for the cabinet if you have the same issues.