An Afternoon At The Lime Wood Hotel

On Wednesday you may have seen the blog post 24 things I’ve learnt in my 24 years as it was my birthday! I always take my birthday off work but as the years go by you have to think more of how to spend the day. Luckily Wednesday was an absolute scorcher and through friends recommendations I booked afternoon tea at Lime Wood Hotel in Lyndhurst, Hampshire as the days excursion. 


Because of the absolute beautiful weather, we headed to the hotel hours before our table was due to enjoy each other’s company, soak up the raise and enjoy a glass of bubbly.  

The minute you turn into the drive way to Lime Wood you are instantly stunned. It is set in the New Forest and surrounded by trees, so you can’t see it from the main road but once you’re through the entrance everything seems suddenly very open again. 


We were shown around the grounds by the most helpful member of staff and honestly, I wanted to get my camera out there and then and start snapping away. This place is a bloggers dream! Its aesthetics are so pleasing, there is marble everywhere the tiles are perfect, overall a huge hit and I praise the interior designer as nothing has been left un noticed. 


Now it may have been the wine or the sun but in-between sips we managed to order food, pre-afternoon tea… I know risky move. I can’t tell you what we ordered, I just pointed at the menu and put on my best accent as if to show I was trying to pronounce the words. All I can say is I’d recommend all 3, especially the mini pizza (pizza lover 4 lyf!).


After another walk of the grounds ~ which I could have done in a loop all day as every corner is truly stunning ~ we headed in for our post snack afternoon tea. Although a hot day you can never turn down a good ol’cuppa tea especially if it’s going to come with an assortment of sandwiches, cakes and scones. Luckily the girl serving us had also seen us pre-snack, so she did inform us that they have boxes and we can take anything left home with us, plus more cake which obviously we didn’t refuse. 


So, as I write this with a happy and full tummy having already text a friend encouraging her to come back I can say that I 100% recommend Lime Wood, even if you have to travel to get here! There rooms online look dreamy AF and I’d love to experience them, but I’ll have to save a couple of cream teas to be able to afford it. 

Now, where is that left-over cake…