Aldi's Lacura Coffee Body Scrub | Review

Aldi's Lacura Coffee Body Scrub | Review

I think the majority of us are trying to be more sustainable, whether that be from what we buy, what we eat and put into our bodies and also what we put on them. So, one Monday evening stroll through Aldi, as you do because why not, I spotted a coffee scrub. I’m already hooked on Aldi’s Lacura brand and use their night cream almost regularly, so I picked up their latest addition to the family, the coffee body scrub in coconut which was a decision in itself as there’s also orange and chocolate to pick from.


Originally, I was drawn to the packaging as I thought it looked very much like the higher ended coffee scrubs I’ve seen floating on Instagram over the past few years. When we got to the till and the women scanned and said £6.99 I did put the fiver back in my purse and got the trusty card out. I thought this was expensive, especially for Aldi but I’ve since done my comparison research and it’s cheaper than I initially thought. Aldi – 1, Lucy – 0. 


Obviously when I got home it was instant “I must try this brand-new product right now” because I’m impatient and I don’t like to wait. So, whilst in the shower I read the packaging… well I thought it did. I found out it’s vegan, paraben free and contains vitamin e and then smothered it all over and washed it off. This was another downfall of mine. At this point I thought I was watching my pennies wash down the plug hole. My skin smelt like coffee but didn’t feel drastically different. It was at this point I read the back of the packet which stated, “leave on for 5-10 minutes”. Ahhh. Aldi – 2, Lucy – 0.

So, since I’ve done the process correctly and I have a couple of points to share. Firstly, I don’t smell any coconut, none, nadaaa, nothing. I do however smell coffee, even after my first 2-minute scrub my skin smelt like coffee for hours and I don’t mind the smell but it’s just disappointing. It’s also difficult for me to compare it as I’ve never had a coffee scrub like this before, I will however say it was gentle. It wasn’t as harsh as some of my previous exfoliators that made me feel like I’m shedding my skin and I’m definitely interridge to try more, and even delve into the high-priced ones. So, all in all this is going to stay in my shower as my end of the week skin treat and for the price I’d recommend it. I’d love to know if you try the other smells if there are more scented than the coconut one.

Do you have a favourite body scrub? x