A Krakow Guide | Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Krakow guide! If you stumbled upon this and missed part 1 then i’ll leave it linked here, there is also a hotel review or our stay which it worth reading too so i’ll link that here. Other than that, grab a drink and lets get on with part 2.

Day 3

This was one of our more planned days, on the agenda was a shooting range and a tour of Wieliczka Salt Mine which were both on time restraints so we had to make sure that we did some sightseeing in between the hours.

In the morning we crossed Bernatek Footbridge and headed into Rynek Podgórski. We didn’t have our map or use our phones, we simply wanted a leisurely stroll and if we stumbled upon a hidden gem then great and if not then we still enjoyed walking of our breakfast. Along our walk we came across St. Joseph’s Church - we didn’t venture in as it looked closed but the exterior was beautiful nevertheless. I’ve since done a bit more research on this area and there was more to see but we didn’t spot it and had to head back for our first activity of the day.

Before our break Ryan had researched and found a shooting range just outside the city called Cracow Shooting Academy. It’s something he always wanted to try although I wasn’t overly keen. After a 20 minute taxi journey we were there, initially I jumped out of my skin and the first sound of a gun shot but you soon got used to it. It wasn’t long before Ryan was taken in for his health and safety briefing and I was handed a pair of goggles and ear defenders as I watched. Ryan would highly rate it and found it good for the money.

We headed back into town once the taxi dropped us back at our hotel and mooched around taking it all in more and at a slower pace to our previous day. Throughout the city you start noticing food vendors on corners offering bread ring rolls. I quickly discovered they are called Cracovian bagels and are traditionally Jewish and take 2 days to make. I devoured it in under 10 minutes, and I did enjoy it? Enough so I got another one on day 5! Carbs don’t count when you’re on holiday, right?

In a blink it was 3 o’clock and we had to head back to our hotel ready to go on our Wieliczka Salt Mine tour which we had booked through out hotel. We were picked up in a rather swish Mercedes E Class and went to pick up another couple. The car was lovely but Ryan and I aren't petite people and once the other couple had got in the back seats became very cosy quite quickly. Once arrived we met up with the rest of our tour group, all from other hotels and met our guide, handed headphone sets and started our descent.

Note to anyone wanting to do this tour - wear comfortable shoes as you’re in for ALOT of walking. You start of by going down 380 stairs meaning your 64 metres underground but you go further and you go deeper to 135 metres during the tour. Once you go down and reach the end obviously you have to come back up, but don’t worry it’s by lift. I was looking forward to this until i saw the lift itself. I spent the entire journey pushed up against Ryan and another member of our tour with my eyes closed and holding onto his arm. You may think i’m overreacting but I don’t think it's the most pleasant experience for anyone and then to find the doors open in and you’re standing by them is experience part 2! The salt mine is spectacular and different but I wouldn’t say it’s a must do it you’re having a weekend break there's so much more you can see and do whilst staying in the city.

When we reached back to our hotel our feet had had it. We popped into our most popular place, the supermarket, grabbed snacks and headed back to our room.

Day 4

Through recommendations and something we both personally wanted to do on day 4 we had booked a tour, again through the hotel, to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. The tour takes a full day, we were collected from the hotel at 9am and didn’t get back till 5pm so water and travel snacks were prepared.

On arrival we were greeted by our tour guide who was going to take us to both camps and give us more detail about the history of it.

I feel this is something that everyone should see and would recommend booking it with a tour. It was hard hitting and at some points you can’t comprehend but I had never fully appreciated the vastness of what had happened until I visited.

When we arrived back at our hotel the weather had been very warm so it was the perfect time to head back to my favourite ice cream stop, Good Lood. The flavours of the day for me where Kinder Bueno and salted caramel as it was just the best!


Once back at the hotel we had an hours rest before our table reservation in the hotel's restaurant Fab Fusion. For starters we shared polish dumplings which I wish I had tried sooner and had more than once followed by pasta for me and steak for Ryan. With a pianist playing in the background it was a lovely atmosphere to be in. We walked off our food with a evening stroll to the market square to see everything lit up and then headed back to our hotel for another drink before heading back to our room.

Day 5

Our last day was a lazy one. We had to be out of our room by 10am but our flight home wasn’t till 6pm so we had another day ahead of us. The hotel luckily had a luggage room and stored our bags for us so we didn’t have to travel around the city with them.


We started off with a stroll through the gardens, picked up my daily coffee and slowly headed back to the market square.

After a couple of hours we decided we needed to have the pancakes from Day 2 one more time before we left so we headed back to Mr Pancake. This time i had savoury instead of sweet and it was to lush! It’s a place you need to go when you visit and not just for the Instagram.


By this point it was noon and we leisurely made our way back to the hotel whilst walking in and out of shops. I tripped and fell into the Sephora, and purchased some makeup, they had so much to choose from i couldn’t decided and now i wish i got more. I also stopped in a local store and bought a scarf for myself. I didn’t need to buy it but once i felt how soft it was I couldn’t leave it and it worked as a good blanket on the plan journey home.

Once back at the hotel we chilled in the patio area until our taxi arrived and made our way back home. It was bitter sweet, I had such a lovely time and the city was amazing so I didn’t want to leave but at the same time i was missing my home comforts as well as the cat.

I’m so glad a friend recommended Krakow to me as now I can recommend it to you. It the kind of holiday where you want to go back, there's more to do an see and i didn’t get to tick everything off my list so fingers crossed we can come back soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 2 part post and found it useful. If you go please let me know or if you have any recommendation of where we need to go next then let me know in the comments. x