5 Summer Must Haves

With a heatwave about to take over the UK, I’m drawn to fishing out my hot holiday staples to ensure I’m prepared for my morning commutes without rocking up to work looking like I’ve melted. And although my makeup routine goes from 100 steps to 5 the minute the sun comes out I feel like I’ve nailed my hot weather must-haves allowing my skin to breath whilst feeling confident.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream with SPF 30.

Starting with base is a moisturiser and the top ingredient this must-have is SPF. After trying multiple different versions over the years, some leaving my face sticky over glowy or white over sinking-in my firm favourite has to be the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream with SPF 30. I just can’t fault it. I came back from my week in Italy were we had 30-degree heat without a red nose or forehead! That’s something to shout about in my book. For me, it has the perfect balance of soaking into my skin but still leaves some slip for me to apply my products.

Talking of products other than mascara and maybe some brow gel there is only one product that has quickly become my ride or dye but I feel I may be late to the band waggon with this one. It is, (drum roll please) the Chanel Soleil Tan De. I picked this up on my way to Italy (I promise I’ll stop mentioning that soon) in duty-free and at first, I was apprehensive. When I asked the lovely lady who was helping me for the ‘popular bronzer’ she gave me this and at first, I honestly thought it was the wrong product but she assured me and then told me how to use it (big fluffy brush by the way).

5 Summer Must Haves-Lucy-Mabel.jpg

After confirming via YouTube that I had indeed picked up the correct product I was adamant to use it pushing my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser to one side. It's safe to say it’s all I used in Italy and since this heatwave has begun, all I’ve been using on my face. It gives the perfect balance of healthy glow and sun-kissed bronze.

Up next is powder but this depends on how active I’ve been in the day and whether or not I plan to be seen by anyone by the end of it. The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder is THE powder to have. If I’m getting a bit too glowy by the end of lunch I pop it on and it gives me the perfect balance of mattifying without drying out my skin. It’s also super lightweight meaning your skin is still glowing but in all the right ways.

5 Summer Must Haves Lucy Mabel

My fourth must-have is a roll-on perfume, more specifically Gucci Bloom but whatever scent floats your boat really, it’s more about the application. I love this little roll on as I’m not going to lie by mid-afternoon on a sunny day, I might not be smelling too pretty but a quick pop of this on the wrists and I feel like a fresh woman!

5 Summer Must Haves Lucy Mabel

Finally, a SPF lip balm. This is something again, I’m rather new too and I may have been a bit naive in the past and not realised your lips can burn and need protection too. Luckily I’ve not had to learn the hard way (unlike my scalp). I feel when I’m wearing little makeup I’m happy to let my natural lip colour shine through and give it a little sheen with some balm. I'm currently loving this Hawaiian Tropics one and it's scent gives me all the summer feels.