4 Authors you must check out!

Now, i’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and in all honesty I wanted to wait to finish my current book but I haven’t had the time to even pick it up yet. With the cold, cosy winter nights coming in I can start dedicating my time to reading again!

I feel I could reel of a list of books I could recommend you to read, but i thought I'd share with you the authors instead as with the 4 I’m about to mention are so super incredible and I wait with SUCHHH anticipation for them to announce a new book!!

Paige Toon
I’d recommend Paige Toon to anyone who loves a romantic! I love how the characters interlink from book to book so you get a glimpse into how their doing and what their upto. I find these books so easy to read buuutttt not in a child like way. ‘Lucy In The Sky’ was the first one I read from her (for obvious reasons) and I then ordered one after the other on Amazon, as I could not get enough. You fall in love with every character from the get go! If you’re going on holiday or have any long train journeys coming I’d pick one up as you can totally immerse yourself in the books world!

Sarra Manning
Now, Sarra Manning’s books I wouldn’t recommend you read outloud! She is still a young adult writer but writes scenes more in depth and descriptive (iffffff you know what I mean).
I have read every book, my favourite has to be ‘You Don't Have to Say You Love Me’ as I could not put this down. Early for work, read a page. Lunch break, read another page, so on and so on! Ahhhh this is making me want to read it again - I have such heart pang moments when one her books end! I just want them to go on forever!

Lindsey Kelk
Now I got into Lindsey Kelk by fluke. I was at Bournemouth Airport waiting for my flight to Barcelona and wandered through the WHSmith to see they had the book, ‘About A Girl’ in a magazine. Between my flight to Barcelona and back I had read the book twice! Then when landed back in the UK immediately pre-ordered the next book in the trilogy. I did try the ‘I heart’ series she does but didn’t quite get into them the same as I did with this one. A total must for these cold days as you can imagine being in Hawaii with Tess...wait, i’ve said too much already!   

Dorothy Koomson
I’ve saved the best till last! Dorothy Koomson. Her books are more for the adult reader in you and she writes about some tough subjects. BBC recently did a documentary on one her books ‘The Ice Cream Girls’ and it was amazing. I loved ‘My Best Friends Girl’ and it's definitely one I’d recommend reading first.

Have you got a favourite author? I love finding new gems so let me know and i'll check them out!!