3 Quick And Easy Hair Styles

3 Quick And Easy Hair Styles

Now 3 days ago I had relatively long hair - that was until I handed a pair of hairdressers scissors to my nan and told her to 'cut straight'! And here we are, 5 inches shorter and I love it - it might not be perfect and may need to be looked at eventually by a hair dresser but, I'm digging it for the moment. I feel like hair styles are so much more effective with shorter hair, so thats why I thought I'd bring you 3 quick and easy hair styles which all use plaits and the last one a little bit of hair glitter, Ka-Chingggggg! 

1. Plaited Top Bun
Now this one is the most casual out of the 3 looks and the easiest! I started off with 3 strands from the front of my head and worked back turning it into a french plait. From here, you can go as far back or close as you want... as where you stop your plait is where your bun is going to be. I stopped around the crown of my head and then from here started to loosen the plait out slightly. With one hand holding the plait, use the other to gather up some more hair to put into your bun and tie together. I twisted and pinned it into place then, grabbed my straighteners and loosely curled the bottom half of my hair to give it more of a messy look! Look one complete! 

2. BIGGGG French Plaits
Now for this one my arms acheddddddd, but love how it looks giving volume to the lower part of the hair instead of the roots for a change. Start off by dividing your hair in two, then starting at the top french plait your hair. Once your reach the nape of your head you want to stop and hairband that section together and start again on the other half. Simple right!!! It only gets easier...now loosen out your plaits till your hearts content and back comb that remaining hair! Hair spray to finish to help hold it all day. TA'DAAAAAAAA...Now I have to say this is my favourite out of all 3... its like a grown up version of the normal french plait.

3. Party Glitter Buns
OKAYYYYY... so this one is the most fun out of them all. You want to start of with two low buns, I used the previous hair style to do this but for more of a casual look you can do it without plaits. I used hair spray along my hair line and used a loose eyeshadow glitter. Using a make up brush which I had also sprayed, I picked up the glitter and placed in my hair... going a little wilder on the top half. You can make it as subtle or wild as you like and you don't need anything expensive to make it work either. I think this is a perfect party hair do with the current festive season in full swing and Christmas parties to go to left right and centre! 

And thats it... 3 easy hairstyles for my new shorter hair! Let me know what hair style you'd create! 

Thanks for reading!! x

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