24 Things I've Learnt In My 24 Years

24 Things I've Learnt In My 24 Years

So today is my 24th birthday and as much as I love my little place on the internet this post has been scheduled as I’ll probably be enjoying myself via the means of cake and prosecco, I’m not to sure the 2 are meant to go together but on ya birthday you can do what you want right?

Now I see these posts everywhere and inspired by my fellow bloggers around me I’ve decided to create my own so here goes, 24 things I’ve learning in my 24 years!


  1. Taste buds change, and tomatoes aren’t as bad as you remembered 6 years age
    It still amazes me how your taste buds change and ‘mature’. I can watch my baby niece chow down some pretty incredible fruit and veg which I’ll scrunch my nose up at but now I can fully confirm that I’ll eat a tomato… any kind – horaahhh.
  2. Your elders are wiser
    So, living with my nan for more than my teenage years it’s safe to say she’s given me some pretty good advice. Whether it be advice about friends, drinking too much or generally about an outfit that I thought I looked great in (spoiler alert, I didn’t) I’ve ignored the lot. I’ve cried over friendships she said wouldn’t work, drank too much when she told me not to and worn the short short outfit which I’ve burnt pictures of because she was right, again. Now it’s all clicked I feel like a wise owl waiting to dish out some of my wiseness, probably only to be ignored but that’s how we all learn, right?
  3. Listen to your body
    By now I’m pretty certain I can tell when my PMS is about to kick in, the difference between moody and hangry and when I need a bit of me time. I won’t lie it’s taken me a short while to figure it all out and when I need a night in to me self with a facemask on, Bridget Jones and ice cream then I’ll happily cave… my body needs it!
  4. Your vibe truly does attract your tribe
    This one kind of ties in with point number 2 but friends come and go as you’re growing up and I’ve had my fair share of BFFS that haven’t been forever. Now I’ve grown, and I’ve attracted like-minded crazy people. All my girlfriends bring something different out in me and I love them all.
  5. You aren’t everyone’s cup of tea
    Something you quickly learn and so what. Everyone’s not my cup of tea either and that’s ok, you don’t have to be a d*ck about it just understand it.
  6. You know you’re getting old when you’re not longer the youngest one in the office
    Ok so I used to love being the youngest it’s what I’m used to. I’m the youngest of my siblings and telling people what year I was born and seeing their reaction used to fun… I don’t think it helps that I look older than I am but now when I say I was born in 94 there’s always someone chirping in saying ‘Oh I was born in 96!’ DAMNNN I’m no longer being the baby of the office.
  7. Have inspirations, aspirations and goals
    Inspirations, aspirations and goals aren’t something just for your younger self and just because you’re in a full-time job and you have a career doesn’t mean you can’t have a hobby on the side. This one’s for you blog, love ya.

  8. Some people are only in your life for a chapter, but they make it count
    Schools, college or work you’re going to meet people in your life who you drift from but that doesn’t mean the friendships gone but both your lives evolved. I have a handful of friends who I’ve known from certain points in my life, I see what they’re up to now from Facebook instead of texting every night but that’s ok and I’m happy to see they’re doing well.

  9. Be young and be foolish
    Be happy! C’mon you were singing it to admit it. You know that time you did something embarrassing and you’ve remembered it like since foreverrrrr! Well hate to tell ya but no one else remembers a thing so embrace it, be young, be foolish, be happy!

  10. Let go of the past
    Stop dwelling on things you can’t change; your future is ahead of you not behind so look forward and let it go.

  11. Don’t let social media take over
    It’s ok to put the phone down and not reply to a message instantly or double tap a photo of your fav insta blogger straight away, everyone that matters is still going to be there.

  12. You learn something new every day
    You really do! It can be the most random of things or something that’ll stick with you forever and you’ll share your new wisdom with everyone.

  13. Take photos of everything
    I’m a big advocate of taking photos and printed ones to – they’re great to look back on and be personal to you not just the world of Instagram.

  14. Smile to strangers
    Smile, say good morning or just nod, it may just brighten up someone’s day. This is something I’ve always watched my nan do growing up when we had a dog she’d always say hello to fellow dog walkers and it’s just polite.

  15. Spend time with the right people
    I have learnt which friend to go to with a problem or advise and who to go to for motivation, it's about finding the right people to spend your time that will push you to be the best verison of yourself. 

  16. It’s ok if you don’t feel like a fully-fledged adult
    I think every year, with every digit I gain I feel more like I should have my shiz together. Like by now surely, I should know how to work the washing machine and the different in mortgages when purchasing a house. Well I don’t and I’m loving reading other people’s post about how much they haven’t got their shiz together… not in a mean way, lol but more in an encouraging you’re not alone way.

  17. Staying in is the new going out
    Nights in the club, drinking till the early hours… sounds amazeeeee. Well it did to me when I was 18 but now? If I get invited out my first question is where we are going to eat or shall I bring round the face masks. I much prefer a night in with good company and great food.

  18. Trends disappear
    Thisssssss. I need to remember this even now! I’m such a sucka for a trend or a new piece of technology but the thing to remember is that they disappear. Something else comes out and that sequin short trend which you almost bought into has been taken over by florescent flairs. I’m not too sure if these have actually been trends but if they haven’t they probably will. Now I’m much more about finding those staple pieces that will live in my wardrobe for years.

  19. Cooking gets easier
    I love being in the kitchen, but mainly for baking reasons. I remember the first meal I cooked Ryan and it was atrocious but at the time it was the best thing I’d ever cooked! I can confirm cooking gets easier… or following the recipe guide does and you make better choices of what to pick.

  20. Family and friends are everything
    Some friends I don’t see for months on end because of where we live and there’s family that I’ll have heated discussions with, but I love them. Life works in weird ways, but we always stay connected and I know that these are the people that deep down know me through and through and I can go to no matter what the problem.

  21. Remember to take time out
    This one is slightly hand in hand with the listen to your body, but you soon learn when you need to take time out. I think for me it was earlier this year I had one of these moments when I realised how long it had been since my last day off – excluding weekends – so Ryan and I booked our Cornwall trip and then I came back to work so revitalised and refreshed with new ideas it just shows how you need to take time back for you.  

  22. Save for the future
    Some people are spenders and some are savers and thats ok. I’m the later and although I’m not enjoying my money right now when I have a house to call my own I know I’ll be thankful I didn’t splurge.

  23. Spend time with positive people
    Whether it’s a friend, a YouTuber or a feel-good film spending time with people who are positive will lift you up and then you’ll be positive and uplift the people around you. It’s positive all round.

  24. Calories don’t count on your birthday
    Ok so I may have totally made this one up but it’s a rule in Lucy’s World so hey ho, now I’m going to go eat more cake and have my favourite dinner, cuzzzz it’s just what you do on your birthday!