2017 Playlist Review

2017 Playlist Review

So this post might seem a little strange but you’ll have to roll with me on this one. I get it - it’s a little difficult to do a music playlist review by the power of reading but I’m willing to give it ago. 

Like many people, I love music. It affects my mood and can make me feel like dancing in the rain too reminding about a certain place or time. Every year on spotify I create a playlist, it may not necessarily contain music from that year but I’ve added songs to it for one reason or another and I thought I’d share with you my top 5 songs from 2017.

1.  One day I’ll fly away - Vaults 

If you watched telly in 2016 (!!!) then you’ll know this song. It was on the John Lewis advert and I was and still am obsessed! It still plays on my heartstrings now and makes me want to cry because the first time I herd it was whilst watching the advert - and I cried. So although I have to skip this one regularly depending on where I am ~ for fear of crying in public ~ I do really, really still love it. 

2. Power - Little Mix

This is my dancing song!! Every dance floor I’ve been on last year has had this song on through my request ~ bold statement, I know! ~  This song makes me feel sexy and empowered and I dance like know one's watching and if they are I don’t care. I turn into someone else when this comes on and I absolutely love it! 

3. Glorious - Macklemore  

This song is life and please if you haven’t already go watch the video to it too. It’s such an uplifting song and what can I say - I feel glorious after hearing it. 

4.  Despacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee

No mater what genre of music you're into, you won't of escaped the unique Spanish sound of Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber singing Despacito. It's yet another dance floor song and all be it know we hear it a lot less on the radio than we did a few months ago it reminds me of summer days and those long evenings. Even thought now I don't get out my best moves, I do yearn for the sun and I’m sure it'll be back on my 2018 playlist for when I’m driving into those warm sunsets! 

5. Blinded By Your Grace - Stormzy 

The finale song. I can't help but love this song and sing along with it. Another uplifting and relaxing tune. It's not one that’s played on the dance floor but more in my headphones when I need to concentrate on some work but even then I find my self stopping to bop my head along and sing, love, love love! 

I'd love to know what you're favourite song of 2017 was!