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10 Memories Of 2016

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10 Memories Of 2016

Now, I know I'm not the only one welcome 2017 with open arms but I thought I'd reflect on my memories of 2016 and realise it wasn't too bad after all, in was pretty great!

  1. Starting the year with a holiday, what could be be better! Ryan and I started off 2016 with a week in Centre Parcs and it truly is the best place to go in the UK, with so much to do. Cosying up at night with warm hot chocolates and the log fire on is just sweet sweet bliss.
  2. Now, I am a pretty lucky sausage as for my 21st birthday last year my friend got me lunch for two and londons most prestigious hotel, The Ritz! After weeks of WhatsApp'ing our outfit choicesand deciding how to do each other's hair, we were ready. The Ritzs is some thing special and so so sooooo amazing. I have recommended it to absolutely everyone. The experience we had was so amazing, and their decor is just dreamy, I just can't praise it enough. I absolutely loved it! 
  3. This year I turned 22, and whilst singing Taylor's song and dancing my day away I realised a couple of things. I don't care. This mainly reflects on how I felt being 22, sometimes I'd think 'shit, by the time I'm 22 I want to be in a steady job, ready to move out and have a steady amount of money in my account' and I had none of it and then get my self really worked up over it. Then the penny dropped! It doesn't matter & I no longer care, and when you realise that your got all the time in the world to do things and it can take months or years to accomplish, it no longer seems like something that's attached to your age.
  4. My car die'ing! I passed my driving test 3 years ago and had the same car since! It wasn't anything glam but got me from A to B, and as I left Ryan's one night, pulled up to a junction and she conked out and died. Ryan came to my rescue and pushed it across the road to a safe place then, once we miraculously got it back in my drive I packed all my stuff out and gave it a tearful goodbye. That soon turned around as I went to go pick up a new car from the garage but now I don't have anything to use my old CD's with! Bye lil blue! 
  5. Starting my new job, this was kind of the easy bit... it was leaving my previous one that was hard! Once I decided I wanted to be in marketing I was lucky enough to get an apprentice with an family run agency not far from home. A year and a half later I had to let them know I was moving on. It was hard because we where a small and close team, but I knew what I had to do and after I hung up my hat (theoretically speaking), it was time to say goodbye. I started my new job the following week and after months of bringing ideas to life i've finished the year on a high by going to an awards night in London (and then being upgrading in the hotel to a penthouse suite!) for pieces of work me and my colleague did, HUUURAAAHHH!
  6. BABBYYYH WHERE IN NEW YORK CITY! Not sure this was the first thing I said when we landed but I must of said it at some point! Now, this is another big memorie for me as it was my first holiday with my best friend. She invited me to join her and her mum in New York in August and how could I say no!?! One full suitcase and an eight hour flight journey later, and we landed in the big apple. I did do a blog post all about it here but I had to mention it again as it is totally amazing and definitely an experience I won't forget!
  7. Weddings! Ahhhhh love is such a beautiful thing to watch! Me and Ryan where invited to a few weddings this year and it is just so so lovely watching two people exchange vows and just be in love! That and the after party, where now the bride is the lead in the conga and everyone is squished into the photo booth!
  8. We're on point eight.... I might need to change the title! But this point is pretty special. Another great memorie of 2016 is this, starting my blog! I don't know what took me so long but I'm so glad I did it, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I've started to plan for 2017 and boy am I excited!!
  9. It wouldn't be close to Christmas without an annual visit to Bath's Christmas Market. Again I'll link the blog post here but it is a such a good memorie and one that symbolises how close we are to Christmasssssssss, yipppeeeeee!
  10. Family time is something I enjoy so much and Christmas is a time when everyone gets together properly! I've just come back from a Christmas Eve dinner with all of Ryan's side of the family and it was truly special! I've seen majority of my family this week and will be doing some traveling the days in between now and the New Year but they're all totally worth it. 

Thanks for reading and I hope your all having an amazing Christmas xx